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Bathrooms & Closets

Bathroom cabinetry design makes the difference between having all of the things you need in your bathroom fit comfortably and continually wishing you had more space. Yet, the design part of the process is often overlooked.  

There is often a lot of wasted space in a bathroom. If you are renovating your Kelowna bathroom—either staying within the existing layout or looking to expand—talk to us about designing cabinets and closets for your bathroom that will enhance the use of the floor plan. For new home builds in the Okanagan, bring us in early in the process to lend our expertise in cabinetry to give you ideas before the big decisions are made.

We use technology to put customization back into home renovation. You don’t need to settle for what the store has available in stock. The fit and finish of our products carries significantly more quality and you’ll be able to make use of areas you wouldn’t have thought of.

Our Kelowna bathroom cabinet design includes more than just the frame surrounding your sink. We can build a custom vanity, a built-in medicine cabinet, towel cabinets, custom shelving arrangements for your closets, and so much more.

Wainscoting, trim work, windows, moulding, and custom doors are all part of our expertise and ways you can bring customization into your bathroom.

We provide the ideas and you can see what works for your budget.

Your home. Your choices.