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Stunning Kelowna Kitchen Islands

February 28, 2013

Beautiful and functional kitchen islands in Kelowna become the surface for all the good stuff a family shares—secrets, recipes and icing.

Since many of today’s kitchens offer that airy, open-concept feel and encourage guests to sit and stay awhile, you need an island that offers purpose, seating and style.

How can you achieve all of that in this all-important kitchen addition? With fine woodworking to compliment the custom kitchen cabinets in your family’s most-used room.

A skilled Kelowna cabinetmaker with an eye for design and ear for gauging your family’s needs can introduce you to the island of your dreams. Before you meet to discuss building your custom kitchen island in Kelowna, consider some of today’s top trends.

Kitchen Island Design Trends:

Square island, round stools.
Islands don’t have to be big to be great. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the storage your existing kitchen cabinets offer, a subtle, square island might be just enough for you to spread out your dry goods and get baking!

Try a square island with round stools in your Kelowna kitchen
Source: Warren Home Restorations, Featured on


Wine racks and cookbook shelves. Get the most out of your kitchen island with custom inserts like recycling cabinets, wine racks and shelves for all those cookbooks. You know you have a great kitchen island when guests say, “Wow. Is that ever neat!”

Add a wine rack instead of your typical Kelowna kitchen cabinetry
Source: Benvenuti and Stein, Featured on


Cafe seating. Friends and family will feel like they’ve stepped into a trendy restaurant down the road when your kitchen island offers plenty of seating and room for eating. If you’re the chef, relish your role ‘behind the bar’ and make your guests smile with delicious food and a fun atmosphere.

Cozy cafe seats with custom woodworking Kelowna
Source: Yvonne McFadden LLC, Featured on


Get the right height. Assembly-line kitchen cabinets are all made for one height, but people come in all sizes. If you spend a lot of time preparing meals in the kitchen and you’re above or below average height (as many of us are), have your Kelowna woodworking professional build your kitchen cabinets and island at the height that suits you. Your shoulders will thank you!

Cater to call heights with your island seating

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