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Kelowna Kitchen Cabinets: Fit is Everything

November 23, 2012
Kelowna Kitchen Cabinets
When the average person spends 70% of their time at home in the kitchen, beautifully designed Kelowna kitchen cabinets can make all the difference in the experience.

Kitchen cabinets define the look of your kitchen. Every selection made, from the cabinet layout, to the material choices, to the finish, will drive the entire design of your kitchen.

In Kelowna kitchens, families spend a lot of time together. The kitchen is often the meeting place of the home. A kitchen that doesn’t function well can be frustrating. Proper function begins with the right cabinets. The right cabinets do not begin with the cheapest price.

There is a saying that goes, “The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” We have found this to be especially true when it comes to Kelowna kitchen cabinet selection in the homes we have renovated.

When a builder or contractor is involved, it is critical that the homeowner remain closely involved in the decisions regarding the kitchen cabinetry. The budget for the kitchen renovation is usually spent before the cabinets are even chosen. Expensive granite countertops and top of the line appliances tend to eat up the majority of funds available, and the builder or contractor may assume the best choice is to find the cheapest cabinets to fit the space, once the other decisions are made.

As a result, builders end up choosing sale and off-the-shelf products that are in-stock. Placing $12,000 of granite on top of clearance cabinetry is one of the poorest decisions a Kelowna kitchen cabinet purchaser can make. The cabinets are opened and closed sometimes dozens of times each day. Cheaper materials simply do not hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use as well as quality products that have a solid fit.

Strong fit with little or no wasted space is the biggest benefit a custom millworked cabinet can bring. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of wasted space in the kitchen when standard cabinets are selected. This is because the store-bought cabinets are not designed for the dimensions of your kitchen. No two kitchen needs are the same. The wasted space is covered with “filler” pieces that do not serve a real purpose.

Additionally, standardized cabinets do not offer any variation to meet your unique needs. Do you want your cabinets to be a bit taller? Shorter? Extra shelving? Extra drawers? Deeper drawers? You don’t get these options with off-the-shelf cabinets.

Our experience as a Kelowna custom millwork provider is that the bit of money spent to create custom kitchen cabinets is more than made up for once the homeowner realizes that the cabinets are the thing that make a kitchen functional. The fit is so important, and not something that can be fixed later. Get it right the first time by doing your homework and managing your budget well from the beginning.

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