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Kelowna Bathrooms and Kitchens: Replace or Refinish Cabinets?

November 29, 2012
Kelowna Bathroom Cabinets
Remodeled bathroom with custom millwork.

Kelowna kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most popular way that homeowners choose to make changes to the look of their home. The word “renovate” can be defined as to restore, repair, or remodel.

Renovations in Kelowna can include completely overhauling a space to give it a whole new purpose or maybe just to upgrade or repair features of a space to freshen the look and make it feel new.

Kelowna kitchens and bathrooms that were built long ago may not have the functionality needed to suit today’s family lifestyles. Completely restructuring the room might be necessary to make the home work. When this happens, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are usually replaced.  But in some cases, kitchen cabinet refinishing or repairing and restoring a bathroom vanity might be all that a budget allows.

If the old cabinets are in good shape and the layout of the kitchen or bathroom does not need to be changed, valuable dollars can be saved by making changes to the cabinet doors, the finish of the surfaces, or to the hardware.

We have the opportunity to provide custom millwork and custom cabinetry in homes across Kelowna. Here are some of the ways kitchen or bathroom cabinets can receive a renewed look while utilizing some of the old cabinetry.

New custom doors
If the structure of the cabinets are not damaged, consider having a woodworking shop like ours create new, custom millwork doors in whatever style you choose. Doors can be made of whatever wood matches your taste and stained or finished to compliment your design.

Refinish the existing cabinets
At our Kelowna Custom Millwork shop, we have a complete refinishing spray booth and the tools to give your existing cabinets a whole new look. Choose your finish, select new hardware, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Paint the inside of the cabinets
While the doors are off and either new ones being made or refinished, you can paint the inside of the cabinets to give them a unique or even whimsical look.

Add new cabinets to the old ones
If your renovation is such that you are leaving the old cabinetry in place, we can easily create some new cabinets, shelves, wine racks or other fitted pieces to compliment the existing cabinets and improve your storage space.

Add built-ins to your bathroom
In your bathroom renovation, we can help make better use of your space by creating some built-in shelves or extra cabinetry to go along with the existing bathroom vanity.

Kitchen or bathroom cabinetry serves such a vital function in the home. We help customers make the most of their storage space while providing a fit and finish to our work that is second to none.

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