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Kelowna Woodwork Renovations At Brandt’s Creek Pub and Liquor Store

January 28, 2013

Woodwork renovations at Brandt’s Creek have given this Kelowna Pub and Liquor Store a fresh, new look. But the hardest part about the renovations wasn’t building the cabinetry or the handrails or even the large four-section bar top. It was scheduling the renovation so that business could continue as usual while the pub received a fresh new look.

We managed to get it done!

Stores or restaurants depend on daily customer visits for revenue. They can’t afford to shut down for a few days so that renovation work can happen. We were more than happy to figure out a way to work around the pub and liquor store customers so business could continue as usual.

Kelowna Woodwork Renovation - Brandt's Creek Liquor Store cabinetry
Here is some of the new hand-made cabinetry in the Liquor Store

 At the pub, 4 a.m. start times enabled us to do our work and be out by 11 a.m., when the pub opened for lunch. Brandt’s Creek Pub has a large bar that is a focal point in the restaurant. We not only needed to strip, sand, and refinish the bar top in our shop, we also needed to build an entire new section. We worked with a local company to provide the needed stainless steel pieces for the serving area of the bar on the new section.

  Of course Brandt’s Creek Pub couldn’t serve their bar customers without a bar top, so we created and installed an entire temporary bar top that was used while the other pieces were taken back to our shop for repairs and refinishing.

 The cabinetry behind the bar and inside handrails were originally built by Heartland Millwork’s owner Will’s dad 12-15 years ago. It was an honor for us to come into Brandt’s Creek Pub and renovate their business.

Kelowna Custom Millwork for Check-out counters
Custom countertops for the cashiers: the team had to work around the business

The liquor store renovations included building new cabinetry, shelving, and counter tops for the cash register area. We were able to keep them operational, always with one cash register open for business, while working around the customers.

 If you visit the liquor store, you’ll notice that we built a new casing for the ice and pop machine so they don’t look out of place. If your business has vending machines and you’d like them to blend in with your decor, simply closing them in is easy to do and looks great.

Kelowna Custom Cabinetry enclosing vending machines
Vending machines look so much better when closed in!

 It is common that as a business expands over the years, owners may add new furniture or display cabinetry. However, the end result can be a lot of pieces that don’t look like they match. A goal for this project was to tie together all of the woodwork, cabinetry, counters, railing and shelving. Refinishing older items and building new pieces has made the Brandt’s Creek Pub and Liquor Store cohesive in design, looking like it was planned that way from the beginning.

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