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In Kelowna, Custom Wood Doors Offer More Than Style

January 29, 2013
Kelowna Custom Doors
Showcase your Kelowna home with a high-quality custom entryway

Custom made, solid wood doors can make a stunning difference for the interior or exterior entries of your home. We’ve had the opportunity to adorn many openings with our creativity and craftsmanship, and over the years have found that there are 5 main reasons why people choose to have us build one or more solid wood custom doors in Kelowna for their homes or businesses.

1. If you have an opening that is a unique shape or is not of a standard door opening size, then a custom door is required. Out-of-factory doors simply will not do the job. We find that sometimes Heritage Home Owners discover that as they seek to freshen up the interior of their older home, the door sizes do not exactly match what is available from the factories. We can build doors that will not only fit exactly, but will have the design elements that make your home one of a kind. (Which leads to point #2!)

2. You may desire for your doors to bear unique identifying characteristics that make them a show piece of your home. Entryways in particular can be a place where the design sets the stage for the rest of your home. We enjoy working with our clients to bring their individuality into the woodwork of their Kelowna home, and solid wood doors are a perfect place for this to happen.

3. The longevity of a custom built solid wood door is unmatched by the off-the-shelf products found at big box stores. A solid wood door will last you for many, many years and has great potential to be refinished as your style needs change down the road. A custom solid wood door can be fixed and/or repaired much more easily than a factory door or a veneer covered door.

4. Sometimes, it is the sheer love of a solid cherry (or oak, walnut, etc.) door that brings a customer to desire a custom wood door. There is an elegance and richness to having the perfect solid wood doors throughout a home that customers crave. To be able to boast in the beauty and quality that custom wood doors offer is a gift that will keep giving for many years.

5. Finally, we find that customers who have seen first hand the difference that a custom door makes compared to an off-the-shelf, factory door will never go back to big box doors. Our custom doors are heavier and more durable.  Our expert millworkers make sure that the joints and production process keep a balanced tension on the wood, which improves the overall quality.

We welcome the chance to make your entryway a grand statement with a solid wood door, custom made in Kelowna. Contact us today for a quote or to discuss the design elements for your custom door.

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