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Custom Office Furniture in Kelowna: It Makes a Difference!

December 05, 2012

In our custom millwork experience in the Okanagan, we have found that every business is striving to be unique. From the products and services you offer to the ambiance a customer feels when he or she visits; you want the experience to be memorable.

We have had the privilege and opportunity to create several custom millwork pieces for our Kelowna-based commercial clients. Here are a few ways that we have helped other businesses in their quest to provide a special environment and some ideas as to how we might be able to use our Kelowna custom millwork experience to help you.

Kelowna Custom Millwork Doorways and Entrances - Gray Monk
Custom door entrance in Kelowna winery, Gray Monk.

As you can see in the picture above, a unique, stylish door can really make a statement to your customers as they are welcomed into your business. This photo, taken at Gray Monk Winery in Kelowna, shows how interesting a doorway can be.

Kelowna Custom Millwork for Reception Desk
Custom reception desk in Kelowna office.

Reception areas
Doctors, lawyers, dentists, or other business consultants with a reception area may want to give their customers a good first-impression by having a custom reception desk to greet them. Because we are custom designers, we are not limited to standard heights for desks, shelves, or counters. Your reception desk can meet the unique needs of our business while looking elegant and giving a sophisticated aura.

Kelowna Custom Millwork - RauDZ Restaurant Table
Custom Longleaf Heart Pine table in Kelowna restaurant, RauDZ

Unique Inner Features
We recently created a feature table for RauDZ restaurant in Kelowna. It was a 21-foot long table made from Longleaf Heart Pine. It contains no nails or screws, but uses a mortise, dowel, and tenon construction. It is more than a dining table; it is truly a work of art.

Other inner features of your business that can be customized for that special feel might include a wood-paneled wall, wainscoting, custom milled moulding or trim, shutters for your windows, or casing around windows. The design and imagination possibilities are limitless.

We have had Okanagan clients come to us with images from catalogues or printed from the internet and ask us to combine designs or further customize them for a specific need or taste. Because we specialize in custom work, no idea is too far out there. We welcome the opportunity to sit with you and review your project before giving you a quotation.

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