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Kelowna Custom Millwork: 7 Places it Makes a Difference in your Home

October 29, 2012

In Kelowna, kitchen and bathroom renovations are what people think of first when deciding to give their home a makeover. Creative cabinetry and other Kelowna custom millwork touches in those rooms will definitely make a difference. But here are 7 other ways Kelowna custom millwork can make an impact on the WOW factor of your home that you may not have thought of.

Kelowna Custom Millwork - Staircase Banister
Kelowna custom millwork for staircase banister.

Deciding to improve your staircase might seem like a big project, but there are ways to bring custom detailing that can make it a showpiece for your home. The newel posts and newel caps that stand at the top and bottom of the staircase, the spindles, the handrail and the base rails can be milled to match the design and decor of your home, giving it an extra special custom feel.

It is difficult to find a bookcase or display case out of a store that is exactly the type of wood you want, with the right shelf heights for the things you want to display. Designing the perfect unit for your treasures is easy and is something you’ll appreciate every day. Books, collections, entertainment items, awards—everyone has a different need for shelving units. A Kelowna custom millwork piece is easier to create than you might think.

Fireplace Mantle
It isn’t uncommon for people to decide to remove an old mantle, thinking it would be too much of a pain to restore. Mantles serve a useful purpose on a fireplace and before you decide to ditch it, consider refinishing your existing mantle or having a new one custom milled that can suit the updated design of the room.

Oven Hood
Kitchen cabinets aren’t the only place millwork can be used to add custom touches to the kitchen. A grand oven hood is sometimes the perfect touch to bring style into your kitchen. Intricate design can make your oven hood a piece of kitchen art.


Kelowna Custom Millwork - Inset Towel Shelf
Kelowna custom millwork towel shelf.

Bathroom cabinetry doesn’t have to look like, well, boring bathroom cabinets. Custom vanities in the bathroom can add elegance to any size bathroom; from a powder room to the master suite. With custom design, you can ensure it has the right amount of drawers or shelves to meet your needs.

The door welcomes people into your home. A custom wood door can make a statement that sets the design tone for your whole house. It can change the look of the front of your home and can truly be more than functional—it can be beautiful too.

The moulding and trim carried throughout every room of your house can be as simple or elaborate in design as you’d like it to be. It is an opportunity to break away from the standard trim options found in nearly every home on your block.

These are but a few of the areas where Heartland Millworks’ Kelowna custom millwork can add touches to make your home feel even more special and unique. We’d love the chance to discuss these or other options with you.

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