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Office & Business

Our custom design and expertise in millwork can add a level of sophistication to your Kelowna commercial business, office, restaurant, or bar. Lawyers, doctors, and service businesses across the Okanagan have found that we can help make their business more functional and stylish with our custom woodwork and design.

Display Cabinets
If your business needs to display products, samples, or literature, we can build cabinetry units to hold those items perfectly. We’ll make the best use of your office space and take into consideration the size of the items you need to display so that your customers will find what they need easily.

Reception Areas
The reception area is the first thing the client sees when they enter your office. Do you need a high counter? A lower desk for your receptionist? Something in-between? We work with our clients to design and build reception areas that function well for you and your clients.

Bars and Restaurants
Building custom bar tops, counters, and tables for your restaurant and bar doesn’t need to be just a dream. Talk to us about how easy it is to give your business the unique features that help make it special.

Entryways, doors, trim work, moulding, window casings, and paneling can also be included. If you are renovating or redesigning your Kelowna business or office, talk to us before making your big decisions. Our expertise can actually help save you money in the long run.