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Kitchen Cabinets

In a renovation project, kitchen cabinets are usually the last thing selected and are given whatever budget is left over after everything else is decided. However, most people spend up to 70% of their at-home time in their kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets hold the things that enable you to cook, serve, eat, and work. The cabinets you choose should not be an afterthought or be a decision made lightly.

We use technology to put customization back into your Kelowna kitchen cabinetry. Our process fits the cabinets around appliances and other fixed features of your kitchen to make the best use of space.  

We offer you the flexibility you won’t get from box store catalogues. For example, do you want 5 drawers instead of 6? Do you need the upper cabinets to be 40 inches tall instead of 36 inches? Not only can we do that, we’ll design and build those cabinets so they are stylish and bring a unique look to your kitchen that fits your home.

You can have the best refrigerator and a gorgeous granite countertop in your Okanagan home, but if your kitchen drawers don’t align properly, have corner gaps or—worse—the new cabinets don’t do what you need them to do, you’ll soon find yourself frustrated.

Talk to us before you make the decisions on your kitchen cabinetry in your beautiful Okanagan home. We do the design, as well as build and install them. Or, if you have a contractor, we can deliver the cabinets and your contractor can install them.  

Your kitchen cabinets should be functional, beautiful, and fit well into the space so that they last. You don’t have to be afraid of the cost—our process lets you drive the decisions so you are in control of your budget. Our creativity and design allows you to build the kitchen you’ll enjoy spending that 70% of your time in.